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Mon, 04 Jun 2007

Since my last GNOME desktop passed away with the laptop I've been using, that is since I started to work for Cellenity, again that is since 1st Feb, I was stuck with Windows XP on the Compaq nx7010. I've been happily hibernating and suspending with it, relying on excellent (!) hardware support of Windows XP. One day it refused to wake up, and on another reboot my single NTFS partition was partially screwed up. Nothing important was lost, thanks to Subversion and DVD-R -- you know that backups are must-have. I don't know what was going on, and I just didn't care. This laptop dude belongs to my employer, but god only knows where the hell its installation CDs are. And I'm obviously not a software pirate, I don't keep illegal copies of Micro$oft crap. So I bite the bullet: I got Ubuntu Feisty running in half an hour. Actually it was running before I got it installed. It would have taken at least 3 hours to get a usable Windows XP, and please don't talk to me about Vista, it's a disaster on itself.

Okay I'm getting to it. I use Evolution on Ubuntu and I found myself missing some features of Outlook. It was nicely able to group mail messages by a very-human date blocks, like today, yesterday, last week, two weeks, last month and so on. Here is your tip to get something like this in Evo. Get to search folders window using the Edit/Search folders menu item. Click the Add button on that window, and create something like this:

How to get relevant mail in Evo

For the lazy guy, here is my ~/.evolution/mail/searches.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <rule grouping="any" threading="all" source="incoming">
      <title>Relevant mail</title>
        <part name="sent-date">
          <value name="date-spec-type" type="option" value="after"/>
          <value name="versus" type="datespec">
            <datespec type="2" value="604800"/>
        <part name="status">
          <value name="match-type" type="option" value="is not"/>
          <value name="flag" type="option" value="Seen"/>
        <part name="status">
          <value name="match-type" type="option" value="is"/>
          <value name="flag" type="option" value="Flagged"/>
        <part name="label">
          <value name="label-type" type="option" value="is"/>
          <value name="versus" type="label" value="todo"/>
      <sources with="specific">
        <folder uri="email://local@local/Inbox"/>
        <folder uri="email://local@local/Sent"/>
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