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Wed, 06 Dec 2006

The last time I blogged about one of my projects, it's likely the first time though, I talked about Webfax, a PHP frontend to some utilities found in Hylafax.

Okay, Webfax is written in old-fashioned PHP. There's a great mess of PHP source embedded in HTML, and there are many rough edges behind the implementation. I drew up a plan and I'm willing to recover the project again. The list of todo includes, but not limited to:

  • Use PHP5 semi-object-oriented features where possible.
  • Switching to templates (Smarty? HTML_Template_IT? Flux?) proper. More on that later.
  • Support for localization, so people can translate the user interface to their native language.
  • Add some Ajaxy bling (this is for the calendar HTML widget -- boy, that was a real hack)

Most of what I'm planning is user interface related so if you feel like coding in new fashioned PHP, you can get your hands dirty with HTML and CSS, you hate Javascript as much as I do, drop me a line. We have everything in place that's needed for a project: mailing lists, a jabber server, Subversion repository and Trac (wiki and ticket system).

For the curious, it's GPL, of course.

Thu, 24 Aug 2006

I think this sounds like a service from some Telco that lets you send faxes from the web, but that's how we were able to name it at the time I wrote that back in 2003 when I was working for FrontSITE -- a free-software services and support company, Turkey branch dead around November 2004 I guess but they're still pretty much active in Germany apparently.

WebFax is a web/PHP frontend to most of what Hylafax provides and to some other stuff it lacks. It was working in a customer's site for the last couple years with almost no hassle, and I recovered the old codebase from their ages-old Debian Woody server (that was working very well too, until its disk gone nuts recently) and refactored it a little bit.

Now it's on my Trac server (with a slow link, handle with care), it's GPL (it was GPL already, just not published), it's in Subversion and it's in safe hands. I even made a release.

Happy hacking, good night. I'll blog more soon, I promise, there's a lot more than that.

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