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Sun, 05 Mar 2006

This is another step towards an eternal quest to convert my blog to a complete list of dates I had a haircut. Yes, (sh)it happened again, but at least this time I have a funny story to tell.

The guy doing haircut was a bit jealous not only because the skin on the top of his head was shiny, but he admitted that he always wanted to have the hair I have. Well, this happened a couple times before and I'm used to these tricks a là coifféur. But hey, an extremely simple haircut took about an hour and a half. I was sitting right there in front of him while he enjoys playing with my hair.

And the haircut. If you haven't seen me in the last couple weeks or you're not female you wouldn't notice the change I guess. You know, barbers and software developers have at least one thing in common: most of what they are doing in their jobs is cleanup in the code (of you know what).

Although I refrain from writing on hot topics, another issue in a casual man's life I'd like to point out is that I have always wondered how any woman can notice you have something changed in the way you look. How come they can spot it in the first glance, and they feel an urge to tell about it? Please, some female explain. My blog doesn't have comments enabled, you can send an e-mail if you're not blonde.

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