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Wed, 16 May 2007

I've been doing some management stuff in the last couple years where I had little success; I think I don't regret the failures. We learn best by living it ourselves. I hope I have not failed in learning from my mistakes. The newsflash is, I decided that I should share some of my experiences in the past. I will also try to share about experiences I hopefully will be able to enjoy, through my journey in developing some super-manager powers. Obviously management is not something people are born with.

The human life is so short, we just can't afford spending many years of our lives in trial and error. Thankfully we've got another method that's hundreds of centuries old, and it works surprisingly well for me. I've been reading about management, especially about management in information technologies. I guess the blog shows that off, a little.

Although the history proves the opposite, most of the books scared the heck out of me by claiming that a manager should receive proper education in good management schools and the failure of an engineer trying to become a good manager is very likely. I guess, the first step was to develop the ability to accept bad-enough (or ugly) solutions. An engineer would use such a dirty-fix only temporarily, and the next step would be the proper fix. In the business world, these temporary fixes eventually become unintended final solutions and get forgotten. To be able to move to the next step, I had to accept these, but not forget. Yes, I ended up with a plethora of notes.

Do you get irritated by the word "management", because of the divide-and-conquer and hockey-motivation techniques widely employed by many not-so-good managers? Please don't. I'll try to substitute "management" with something better, like "influence"; just because it seems more proper to me. Unfortunately the former is what creates the buzz.

I'm into management, because I realized that I will never have enough power, motivation and resources to fix even 1% of the problems in the world. What I can do is, to influence people, so they would love to help each other fix some. I really care about getting some good things done, and I don't give a dime about who gets the credit. Sounds familiar? This is exactly how the entire open source software community organizes itself. How can this happen is left for another blog entry, but you've got the hint already don't you?

So why you would want to read a blog like this? Why don't just read some of those books, like the one called Execution: The discipline of getting things done and dive into it? I think anyone should really read some of those books, but hey, they are boring! They are written by people in their fifties for people in thirty some. Their language in explaining things resembles Dostoyevski's unique style of detail. I think you'll enjoy the blog if you're one of the Indigo children of '90s, because I make the devil in details obvious.

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