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Fri, 12 Feb 2010

Dear friends,

I'm delighted to announce the results of our agreement with Telenity: we got acquired. Effective as of today, all Construia assets (products, source code, business plans and other intellectual property) are now owned, marketed and supported by Telenity. This is very good news, because we now have access to Telenity's existing global sales and support organization, not to mention their existing customer base all around the world, starving for mobile marketing oriented products and services.

By integrating our innovative approach to mobile marketing with Telenity's line of products, we strive to make meaning and help change the world to a better place for everyone.

I'd like to thank all our partners and existing customers for their continuous support. Rest assured that we'll do our very best to prevent any interruptions in our services throughout the short transition period. Eventually the brand Construia will be replaced by Telenity and our current website will point to a page in Telenity's website.

I joined Telenity team as Business Development Manager and Product Manager of Mobile Marketing products.. Although I'll still be overseeing the ongoing deployment projects of Construia products, in my new role I hope to bring more to the table soon, mostly in the mobile marketing business, which is already targeted with Construia product line.

As a side note, Telenity is exhibiting at the Mobile World Congress Hall 1-B51 in the beautiful city of Barcelona. I'll join our product management, sales and executive staff at the stand, please let me know if you'll stop by.

Tue, 07 Jul 2009

Please, go see it for yourself: is the homepage of an Istanbul-based startup company I've been busy building for the last 8 months, finally out of stealth! I promised to tell more about it on my blog, and I'd like to fulfill the promise now by lazily copying over from the website:

Focused on delivering unique solutions to longstanding and disturbing telecommunications operator network problems, Construia is an innovative startup private company founded late 2008 by the sole investor and managing director Enver ALTIN in Istanbul, Turkey.

We innovate in many areas mainly related to mobile devices and networks, including but not limited to mobile messaging (SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging), software development for Mobile Handset Platforms, Voice/Video over IP and other value-adding services.

All 4 of the initially launched products of Construia are valuable add-ons for mobile network operators who already provide Multimedia Messaging (MMS) service. Our hope is that these add-ons will make everyone happy by pushing revenues further up, increasing subscriber loyalty and generating new marketing opportunities.

Although our primary business plan is product-oriented, we know that ideas for good products come out of good services. We'll be providing a colorful umbrella of services, fulfilling needs of everyone in the mobile industry. For network operators we'll be doing integration projects and consulting services; while mobile marketing people will enjoy our software development services targeting mobile phones.

We operate as an application service provider (ASP) for those who want to build mobile messaging services tightly integrated with network operators -- this is you, if you badly need to build something which sends and receives SMS or MMS messages interactively. We'll guide you through the whole process, and you can rest assured that we'll do all hardware, software and network connectivity for you very quickly. We design things that just work.

There will be a few more product launches soon, but it's not all there is to it. We'll be partnering with giants for a broader vision we have. Great times ahead, I'll keep you posted with more leakage. Thanks for reading.

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