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Tue, 24 Jan 2012

(This is a re-post, I accidentally removed the one on G+. I know, I'm getting old.)

Last night I deleted my FriendFeed account. Unlike any other social network, FriendFeed was a beloved one. I made many good friends over there. Nonetheless, it had to go. Now why would this matter to you?

I found that social networks as we know them can easily consume a lot of my time. I was almost an addict for many social networks: Twitter, 4sq, friendfeed, facebook to name just the worst offenders. Although privacy concern was the motif principal, precious and scarce hours I wasted shuffling pictures of party pics from nasty friends was what pushed the knife to the bone. Enough was enough. No more nasty party pix.

But the treatment didn't come soft and sweet. It's just as bad as the quit-smoking experience. Discipline was the key for me. I feel the urge to flick open the cellphone and tweet something that just happened or came to mind many times a day, but I resist. Nobody really gives a flying saucer about what I'm about to post anyway, and knowing this helps a bit.

Now the blog is different, because it started with an ego-centric narcissism. I don't expect any flying saucers here, most of the time, unless I'm replying someone. And it's what it is, a web log, diary of the captain obvious, on the web, no? As of today, LinkedIn and Google+ is what's left. Next-up, maybe Google Talk (and IM concept in general) is getting axed.

Oh, happy 2012 too. 2011 was bad, maybe this one will be better.

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