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Sat, 10 Oct 2009

If you've been talking to me about cars you'd immediately notice that my personal hero and idol is Nikola Tesla. With great pride I say few days pass without me discovering traces of his work in daily life civilization of our time has adopted. Not only his inventions were impeccable, but his approach to many sciences is just as important.

Obviously minimalism is anything but new. It's just about a century ago Dr. Tesla talked about this, among many others, in Motor World's issue dated September 18, 1911. With due respect, directly quoting his approach on minimalism, I dare not to add no word:

"You see, that is one great trouble," continued Dr. Tesla. "The human mind thinks but to complicate. As soon as one problem is solved, that solution introduces new complications, other problems that perhaps did not exist before. That was one of my great troubles when I was younger, I invented many things that were very fine, but always I was getting into complications. I have had to work very hard to overcome that. But here you see what I have done. Do you see how very simple it is? You take, for instance, the ordinary turbine, a bucket turbine. Here you have around the outside of the wheel a row of little jets, and within, on the periphery of a wheel, a row of buckets -- many of them and very small, even on a large wheel. But don't you see that in that entire wheel you have only a narrow strip, a ring perhaps three or four inches wide, that is really useful—that is really active?

"In my invention practically the whole surface is active. In the bucket turbine the action does not even extend all the way around; you must have a series of jets. But in my turbine you have the gas traveling all the way around in free spirals—always seeking the path of least resistance—and expending its full energy."

Tue, 06 Oct 2009

3 Ekim Cumartesi günü MMO İstanbul Şube'de Özgür Yazılım ve ERP konulu bir sunum yaptım. Toplam 45 dakikada derneğin tüm davasını anlatmak tabii mümkün değil, elimden geleni yapıp Compiere ve OpenBravo'dan bahsettim.

Sunum sırasında kullandığım belge ( Impress) burada (PDF). Ayrıca sunumun videoya kaydedildi, rica ettim, sayısal ortama aktarıldığında edinip yayınlayacağım.

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