The truth about my life

Sun, 16 Nov 2008

Bu kısa yazıma Kemani Serkis Efendi'nin bestesi ile başlamak istiyorum:

Kimseye etmem şikayet, ağlarım ben halime
Titrerim mücrim gibi baktıkça istikbalime
Perde-i zulmet çekilmiş korkarım ikbalime
Titrerim mücrim gibi baktıkça istikbalime

İsveç Merkez parti lideri Maud Olofsson 2025 yılına kadar petrol ürünleriyle çalışan tüm araçların yasaklanmasını önermiş. Haydi, hepimiz İsveç'li olalım.

I always felt the struggle when I tried to eat a book when I was studying maths in Turkish language. Back in 2004 I saw a Calculus book written in English language in the hands of my good friend Can Burak Çilingir for the first time, shuffled it a bit, and at that moment I knew why. I am just not able to understand math teaching in Turkish properly. Many words don't really mean a thing.

I learnt English on my own just to be able to grasp the information I badly needed from the Borland's Turbo Pascal 5.0 online help system; and I can't understand math teaching in Turkish? Yeah, that felt kinda strange. Over the years I discovered a few other things I had trouble registering with my neurons when the words are in Turkish.

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I'm Enver ALTIN. I'm from the other side of the river.


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