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Sat, 31 Mar 2007

An article by Scott Sullivan, seen on The Conservative Voice, with translations and references almost everywhere:

Gates, Rice and Khalilzad, while protecting Iran, have declared war on Turkey. Each of them in public testimony in the last three weeks, referred to the Iraqi Kurdish area as "Kurdistan," which is the name the Kurds use to describe their new megastate. All three also warned Turkey against going into Kurdish areas to suppress the PKK, which routinely attacks Turkey from its Iraqi kurdish bases.

Turkey must defend itself. I recomended two months ago that Turkey should take Kirkuk in Iraq (which the Iraqi Kurds seek to annex as a prelude to dividing Iraq with Iran). See Turkish Weekly, "Turkey Must Strike immediately in Kirkuk."

Turkey should also take the Iraqi port of Basra,which controls the major exit route for US forces. At the moment Basra is in the hands of pro-Iran militia groups. Whoever controls Basra controls Iraq's oil industry and Iraq's outlet to the Persian Gulf.

More bold statements in the article. Looks like the same kind of provocation western countries used against The Ottoman Empire to drive them into World War I. I always thought that the army is to defend a country, not to attack. Either I or this angry guy, one of us get it wrong I wonder who.

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