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Fri, 26 Jan 2007

Friends know that I like walking and I like it a lot, so much that I'm going to walk starting from one edge of Europe to the far end of Asia. And I've been practicing for the last couple years, I believe I'll be able to do it.

Anyway, that's not the point. We were, well, practicing walking last weekend on the Baghdad Street in Anatolian side of Istanbul. Usually there's a lot of people walking, not as fast as we do though. So when they're passing by we can hear them talking. The street I mentioned is one of those Champs Elysee kind. You can quickly observe that a good fraction of people hanging around are relatively rich (or much less worried about future, if you prefer).

This is Istanbul, it's supposed to be snowy and cold in Jan 12 but it's real hot. There's something wrong. So, we were walking. And we walk a lot. And although we're worried about the future quite a lot, we like walking there because it's close to our flat. The good thing is, I have developed a new ability. I am able to capture the most interesting and funny part of what people passing by are talking about, this is one of my secret super-nerd powers. Sometimes the stuff I capture is real stupid, I'll present you a couple examples.

Some five people, four of them were young females with Louis Vuitton bags, were passing by. One of them touched the subject, she complained that she could not go to skiing because there's no snow. She were a bit fat, she were wearing a white coat that made her look like a bear. A smile, a deep breath and it was gone. I stopped the laugh.

We walked a bit further. So there are more people, and I captured more stupid stuff from people that's mostly irrelevant to this blog post but here's the one. It's around 7pm, so it's evening and there's not sunlight anymore. Some guy with sunglasses were passing by with his gang, and he briefly explained them why he loves global warming and how he hates winter overall. He also said the traffic becomes awful in winter, and pointed out that it takes a lot longer to get back to home; from work I guess, do you think this guy has a job? I doubt that.

Call me rude, I call these people morons.

So the point is, you should carefully listen to people passing by. At least it's fun.

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