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Sun, 24 Dec 2006

Gazetelerle dalga geçmekten sıkılmadım ama memlekette malzemeden bol birşey yok maaşallah. Bildiğim kadarıyla birçok ülkede büyükçe marketlerde müşterilere açık tuvalet bulunması zorunlu, ama Türkiye'de bu uygulamanın yakınından geçecek bir süpermarket bile görmedim. Bildiğim kadarıyla en devasa olan marketlerde dahi yok. Neden? Sağlık Bakanlığı mı müsaade etmiyor? Nedir ardındaki mantık?

Wed, 06 Dec 2006

The last time I blogged about one of my projects, it's likely the first time though, I talked about Webfax, a PHP frontend to some utilities found in Hylafax.

Okay, Webfax is written in old-fashioned PHP. There's a great mess of PHP source embedded in HTML, and there are many rough edges behind the implementation. I drew up a plan and I'm willing to recover the project again. The list of todo includes, but not limited to:

  • Use PHP5 semi-object-oriented features where possible.
  • Switching to templates (Smarty? HTML_Template_IT? Flux?) proper. More on that later.
  • Support for localization, so people can translate the user interface to their native language.
  • Add some Ajaxy bling (this is for the calendar HTML widget -- boy, that was a real hack)

Most of what I'm planning is user interface related so if you feel like coding in new fashioned PHP, you can get your hands dirty with HTML and CSS, you hate Javascript as much as I do, drop me a line. We have everything in place that's needed for a project: mailing lists, a jabber server, Subversion repository and Trac (wiki and ticket system).

For the curious, it's GPL, of course.

After a year and about a half, I have finally completed reading the book I blogged about, Peter Schuh's Integrating Agile Development in the Real World and I must say I'm really impressed about the level of detail he put together about the whole lifetime of a project.

The book contains very detailed descriptions of every single methodology under the sun, with real life examples, including Extreme Programming, Feature Driven Development, Test Driven Development, Scrum, Adaptive Software Development and many others; as well as providing a solid ground for other goodies like nightly automated builds, automated testing, automated deployment, source control systems. Also Schuh touches on topics like project initiation, agile project and team management, encouraging collaboration and the open workspace to make sure that the methodologies will most likely work as expected.

Yet he did not forgot to describe how to manage communication with the customer, how to initiate a contract, and a lot of real world examples how these all would go well together, as well as many examples that some things went very wrong.

The book is a must-read for everyone willing to become a project manager or technical lead on a project. I'm sure many people would consider these subjects as common sense in project management but there are subtle details that make Schuh's work unique.

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