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Mon, 23 May 2005

Just a snip of the talk with a friend from Kiev:

(02:05:50) julia: Hi, this is Berk from Istanbul, Turkey. I am tall and good looking, with a nice car and a very good job. I play the Electric guitar (Fender Stratocaster) and the organ (Korg PA80) . I like to play Tennis, Beach Volley, Table Tennis, Basketball and I do fitness every day. Honestly, all I need is a sweet, and honest girl . So seriously, if you want to have a good time only with me, and if you are a sweet, quality and nice girl can we talk now please? You can also send me message when I am offline.
(02:06:18) julia: somebody send m this some min ago.. stupid guyss
(02:06:38) skyblue: I don't think that's stupid.
(02:06:44) skyblue: This guy is just hopeless.
(02:06:50) julia: I play the Electric guitar (Fender Stratocaster) and the organ (Korg PA80) - this i like most of all))))))
(02:07:30) julia: i imagine him with this Fender Stratocaster in his nice car and i wanna cry))))))))
(02:07:53) julia: doing fitness))))))))))
(02:08:10) skyblue: impressive.
(02:08:16) skyblue: you're smart.
(02:08:48) julia: i loughing so loud!!!// oh.... somebody, kill m)))))))
(02:09:15) skyblue: I don't think anyone would do it.

Update: A bit later...

(02:27:46) julia: don't think it will b funny for them. or will b. or not. still.. can't understand why guys prefer online instead of reality and tell of their nice car and fenders before just saying tnat they are just good folks to chat with... esp turkish guys.
(02:28:22) skyblue: don't count on that for me.
(02:28:48) julia: u should not/ it's not about u))
(02:29:20) skyblue: I'm not good looking, the best thing I can play is the door bell, I don't even have a car and, best of all, I don't think I need fitness at all.
(02:29:54) julia: why not goodlooking!! u r pretty nice.

She's a journalist at Channel 5. I'm Enver. I meet to please you. Yeah.

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