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Sat, 02 Jul 2005

Feels like I haven't been blogging for ages :-) Please accept my apologies, along with the facelift. If you are a graphics artist, please drop me a note and tell me what you think. I barely suck at graphics design, I just tried to make it cool.

Good things have been happening behind the thick stone walls of Parkyeri cage, I have been fighting and struggling against extremely weird issues coming up all the time, if you accept this as an excuse ;-) Anyway, I had some free time to waste at home today, so I watched second half of Man in Black II and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I think MIB was better, man, that Anakin and Padme love scene was so stupid. I mean, even for Star Wars, it was barely romantic. My old girlfriend would slap me twice if I told exactly that. Poor was I, rude she were. Thank god. Amen.

Live 8 is great thing, a really good start to remind everyone in developed countries that there is a lot of people who needs their help, but I think they are underestimating the real problem. I'm not going to add Chomsky words here, but I'd like to remind the reaction of the new Pope when he was invited to the event to sing with other nice people. He replied with his picture, no text. I couldn't stop a loud laugh, that was really funny.

Banu Akın of Hitnet fame was in Istanbul last weekend. We also had other famous names: Ulaş Apak, Ahmet Derviş the retired soldier and Zehra as always. Of course, I had to present an embarrassing picture:

I have also have begun collecting weird things like this:

Okay, that white text on the red plate means "Earth Monitoring Center". The weird thing is, it's a small medical scanning company named "Dünya", that is, earth in Turkish. It was weird in both languages.

Situation in Iran is slowly and supposedly getting out of control (of western forces of course, seems like Iranian people is gaining their own control again). Sure as hell Russians have a lot of interest there, that's why I suspect they have been patiently funding Ahmedinecad's anti-USA campaign (no evidence I'm aware of yet).

Kosovo is getting hot, Elections in Albania closing, UN warns that situation after the Asian tsunamis is getting even worse. It's been a hard week for the world, honestly. Is your couch comfortable? I think I have a better one here. Hand me over the remote control of the brand new flat plasma TV so I can zap to MTV. Oh, dear. Cereal prices are getting higher, we call that.

There are some other bad news that I'd like to mention. One day I'll have good news I promise. Cheers,

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