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Wed, 27 Apr 2005

Callum McKenzie has some interesting comments about the ANZAC day, which is a half day holiday commemorating Australia-New-Zealand soldiers who were killed during the World War I in an attempt to invade Turkey. Traditionally the commemorations centre around Gallipoli on the coast of Turkey.

Directly quoting him in what he said:

Even as the veterans of World War I have died, and as those from World War II dwindle, the commemorations have grown in size. However, I do not partake. If I did, I would be told about "gallant soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice", and I object to this. They were killed while doing something extremely stupid. Australia and New Zealand should not have been trying to fight a war in Europe, let alone invading Turkey. World War I was pointless in the first place, doubly so for a group of people on the far side of the world.

I think I fully agree with him. Go get to his site for more.

Osmanlılar genellikle ekmeği yemeklerine banarak yerlermiş, sürekli banarak yiyince tabii kas yapıyor kollarda. İşte bu kaslara Osmanlı Ban Kası adı veriliyor.

I'm getting addicted to mouse gestures in a few GNOME (and alike) applications like Epiphany/Galeon, Firefox and Gaim.

Mouse gestures work usually the same in most applications and they are very useful especially in browser-mode navigational or tabbed-dialog user interfaces, that is, generally web browsers and instant messengers (but not spatial file managers). A quick list of most useful gestures in applications I mentioned:

 <----+            +---->    <------*   *------>     *
      |            |                                 |
      |            |                                 |
      *            *                                 +---->

Previous tab    Next tab        Back    Forward    Close tab

Just try to draw the shape using your middle mouse button anywhere in the application window. Depending on the way you installed these applications, you may or may not need to install additional plugins to activate mouse gestures. Gaim and Epiphany needs extensions, Galeon has them built in.


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